About Company

Firm Overview

Founded in 1966, Denney Architects has been designing and planning facilities in Paris and the Northeast Texas region for forty-five years.  In that time, they have developed and maintained a reputation for providing the highest quality work and outstanding service to their clients.  Denney Architects is experienced in every phase of project management and design for a broad and diverse range of fields, including worship facilities, educational, financial, health care, industrial, governmental, commercial and residential.

Key qualifications Include

Denney Architects is committed to provide clients with the best possible architectural service and state-of-the-art facilities.

Design Philosophy

The architect must have a wide range of experience in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the client's needs and concerns.  "Design specialists" may be important, at times, to certain aspects of the project, but the increasingly diverse, complicated nature of modern construction makes it essential that their work be coordinated and integrated into the project by an architect with the broadest possible design background. 

The project deserves the full attention of the firm's principal architects from start to finish. Too many architectural firms relegate the design, drawing, specification writing, and construction administration to subordinates.  Denney Architects assigns its principals as sole project managers on each job.   This insures that the design work and project management are done by the same person who interviewed the client initially and who can incorporate the client's specific needs and requirements into every aspect of the project.

The architect must be intimately involved in the design of the mechanical, electrical, and structural systems. The lack of coordination among these various design disciplines is the most common cause of errors and omissions in the construction documents.  By assigning its principal architects as project managers, Denney Architects enjoys an exemplary reputation for low change orders and on-time projects.

The architect must be actively involved in the construction phase of the project. No one is more qualified to oversee a project than the individuals who designed it. The availability of the architect to the contractors during construction is crucial to the smooth, timely execution of the project.