Bywaters Park Peristyle


Repairs and Restoration - City of Paris

Paris, Tx - Completed 2011

After decades of recurring structural problems, the historic and beloved Peristyle in Bywaters Park, designed by renowned Paris architect J. L. Wees, in 1932, was completely dismantled and restored to its original beauty. The structural foundation was completely demolished and replaced with a new foundation on drilled concrete piers and a suspended structural floor slab. The dismantled Leuders limestone elements were carefully dismantled, cleaned & restored to their original condition. Broken or damaged stones were replaced with new stones taken from the original quarry and carved to faithfully match the original. Utmost care was taken in all aspects of the project in order to restore and preserve this architectural treasure, which is used heavily by the community for concerts, weddings, and other special events.

The work was performed under two separate contracts directed by Denney Architects. The restoration work was performed by the Bryant Company of Fort Worth, Texas at a cost of $123,700.00. The general construction work, including the new foundation, new terrazzo floor, new flatwork adjacent to the Peristyle structure, and electrical work was performed by Spann Concrete Construction of Paris, at a cost of $99,900.00.


The Process: