Paris Junior College

Paris Junior College

New Residence Hall

Paris, Texas - Completed July 2011

Begun in August, 2009, this project consisted of the first two phases of a four-phase student residence complex to house approximately 240 students on the main campus of Paris Junior College. Phase One was completed in the summer of 2010 and occupied that fall. Phase Two was completed the next year and occupied in the fall term of 2011.

The two-story 32,000 square foot facility includes bedroom suites to house 120 students. Each suite serves four students. The building also includes a large commons area for student use, four study rooms, laundry facilities and a resident student advisor suite. 

The project was constructed by Charter Builders, Ltd., of Dallas, Texas, under a construction-manager-at-risk contract at a total cost of $6,658,044.00 ($208 per square foot) and was completed in July, 2011.

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