Paris Independent School District – Crockett Middle School


Additions and Alterations

Paris, Texas - Completed November, 2000

This project was one of 32 separate projects in a district-wide, multi-campus improvement program completed under a 9.25 million dollar bond issue. The Crockett school project included 22,300 square feet of new construction, 6,000 square feet of renovated space in the 38-year-old existing school. The new wing includes a library, band hall, administrative offices, conference rooms, and 15 new classrooms. The remodeled areas of the existing building included new counselor offices, conference and teacher work rooms.  

The new construction is steel-framed, brick veneer with a sloped standing-seam metal roof. Special care was taken to match the brick of the existing building and approximately 6,000 square feet of additional retrofit metal roofing was installed on the administrative wind of the existing building in order to tie the new building to the old in a harmonious fashion. In addition, there was a major revision of the existing electrical service system in order to take advantage of new utility regulations which resulted in a substantial savings in long-term energy costs.

The project was constructed under a single, lump-sum contract by Charlie Clark Construction Co., Inc., of Clarksville, Texas. Construction commenced in August, 1999, and was substantially completed in fourteen months. Since the existing school remained occupied during construction, the work had to be carefully timed and coordinated so as not to interfere with the school's schedule.

For example, the remodeling and re-roofing of the existing building could only be accomplished during the summer months. Portions of the new building had to be completed in order to house the services which were relocated as a result of the remodeling. These critical areas were finished and occupied just in time for the opening of school. The entire work was completed ahead of schedule, in time for occupancy in early November, 2000.  

The final cost of the project was 2.1 million dollars ($72.35 per square foot), which met the budget exactly.

Crockett HS