Toyota of Mt. Pleasant

Toyota Mt. Pleasant

New Dealership Mt. Pleasant, Tx - Completed 2006

Mt. Pleasant, Tx - Completed 2006

This new dealership facility, located on Interstate Highway 30 in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, was designed and constructed in conformance with Toyota Corporation's "Image II" program, a vigorous effort to provide a uniform appearance of Toyota sales and service facilities world-wide.

This 17,432 square foot facility includes showrooms, offices, parts sales and storage, vehicle service facilities and outdoor inventory display areas. As it serves a new market area for Toyota products, this new dealership was carefully designed to allow for future expansion.

The project was constructed RLM Contractors of Longview, Texas on schedule under a competitively bid lump-sum contract. The final construction cost was $1,758,500.00 ($100.88 per square foot).

Toyota Mt. PleasantToyota Mt. PleasantToyota Mt. PleasantToyota Mt. Pleasant