First Baptist Church


Additions and Alterations (Phase 1)

Paris, Texas - Completed August 2009

Begun in the spring of  2008, this project was designed as the first phase of a three-phase upgrading and remodeling program for the historic three-story First Baptist Church in downtown Paris, Texas.

The church facility consisted of four separate existing structures which were constructed at various times from 1917 to 1970.  The focus of the design of the first phase was the creation of a central three-story atrium entrance which ties the four historic buildings together to form a "main entrance" to the church as well as providing a central gathering place.  This new atrium will ultimately be equipped with a new second elevator to the upper floors in a subsequent.

The first phase also included a complete remodeling of the ground floors of two of the original buildings to accommodate the pre-school and elementary children educational programs, nursery and toddlers, resource workrooms for the church's day school, new restrooms and a bride's room.  The project also included an extensive upgrading of existing mechanical, plumbing and electrical infrastructures in anticipation of future phases.

The project was constructed by C. R. Reynolds, General Contractors, of Sherman, Texas, under a competitively bid lump sum contract for the sum of $2,689,096.00 and was completed in August, 2009.

First Baptis ChurchFirst Baptis Church

First Baptis ChurchFirst Baptis ChurchFirst Baptis ChurchFirst Baptis ChurchFirst Baptis ChurchFirst Baptis ChurchFirst Baptis ChurchFirst Baptis Church

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