St. Joseph Catholic Church


Sanctuary Building

Clarksville, Tx. - Completed 1990

Constructed by the Catholic Diocese of Tyler to breath new life into a small, stagnant mission, St. Joseph Church presented one of the most challenging projects that Denney Architects has ever faced.

The existing church building, constructed in the early nineteen-thirties, had suffered severe structural damage as a result of extreme soil movement. Due to a lack of usable land and a budget which would not allow for the purchase of a new site, the new building had to be built in the same location as the original structure in order to utilize the other existing parish buildings.To prevent similar structural damage to the new building, it was necessary to use an expensive, suspended foundation system. Despite this large expense, the project was done for less than fifty dollars per square foot.

This lovely church has more than fulfilled its original goal. St. Joseph is no longer a mission church; it has become a vital, flourishing parish in the Clarksville Community.