First Presbyterian Church


Sanctuary Organ Facade

Waco, Texas - Completed 1992

As part of a major property improvement and  expansion program, this project was done in association with Range Organ Company of Dallas who installed a new organ in the sanctuary of this historic downtown church.  Denney Architects was commissioned to design the organ facade over three years prior to its actual construction, and the organ committee used the preliminary sketches as part of their successful fund-raising effort.  At the conclusion of the fund drive, the firm was commissioned to produce detailed construction drawings and specifications.  From the very beginning, the organ committee was adamant that the design complement and enhance the intricate detailing of the existing sanctuary space.  After several unsuccessful attempts to procure qualified contractors to bid on the fabrication and erection of the massive, solid oak casework, the Owner requested that Denney Architects to go one step beyond their usual architectural services and submit a proposal for the construction of the organ facade.

The Owner accepted the Denneys' proposal and the casework was fabricated in the wood shop of Denney Architects in Paris, and was completed ahead of schedule one year later.  Erection of the casework was completed in time to receive the pipe work which was imported from England.

First Presbyterian ChurchFirst Presbyterian Church